Welcome to darda.co.uk the UK home of the darda car!

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Welcome to darda.co.uk the UK home of the darda car!


Why is the darda car special?

Darda cars and darda race sets are similar to matchbox or hotwheels cars except they are powered by the amazing spring coil "Mega Motor". The mega motor propels the model cars at up to 30mph, over distances of 75 feet (this is a scale speed of over 600mph!). The 'Mega-Motor' cannot be over wound, and requires no batteries or electricity. It is wound by pressing gently on the car and moving it backwards and forwards.



Buying Darda Sets & Cars Online

We are currently negotiating with the owners of darda in the USA to sell darda cars in the United Kingdom.
If you are interested in buying darda cars or darda speedsets (darda track sets) then please contact visit out contact page below:
You can also view the current darda catalogue on this page!
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Darda sets available at Amazon.co.uk:

Darda Speedmaster Set Darda speedmaster set



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Darda History

The darda motor was invented by Helmut Darda in 1970 using the same precision technology found in german wristwatches. The worlds smallest interchangeable spring motor first appeared in toy shops around the world in 1975, and became an instant hit being a popular toy throughout the 70's and 80's. In 1985 a darda car and darda track were selected by NASA to be taken into space for low gravity "Toys in Space" experiments.



Classic and Current Darda Cars

These are some of the cars that my brother and I had as kids. I remember my friend at school having the beach buggy toy car (above) and then seeing them in our local toy shop (Redgates in Sheffield). At Christmas we both got a Knight Rider Kitt darda car and some track.

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